About Us

Who We Are

Meditation4leadership is a nonprofit organization on a mission to communicate the broad range of benefits of meditation practice and to teach the art of meditation through a series of innovative programs designed for business, nonprofit and community organizations.

What We Do

Meditation4Leadership teaches meditation skills that enhance leadership and wellness. Our teachings are provided in practical, easy to understand language, and delivered conveniently either in real time virtual sessions or in your office, boardroom or community center.

Our teaching:

  • Improves: Focus, Creativity and Decision Making
  • Enhances: Self-Awareness, Listening Skills, Relationship Development and Grit
  • Reduces: Stress, Anxiety and Job Fatigue

What We Offer

our services - About Us

  • Five-part, on site meditation series and real time, virtual sessions
  • One-on-one meditation and leadership coaching
  • Introductory program to demystify meditation
  • Monthly facilitated meditation programs
  • Leadership retreats
  • Free, online community, tools and references including audios and videos

What This Means For Your Organization

Through our series, mentorship programs and building a daily meditation practice, your organization can:
  • Find value-added content for corporate wellness programs
  • Reduce employee stress levels
  • Improve employee performance
  • Increase employee retention
  • Develop organizational focus on improved listening and relationship development skills
  • Build tools for executives to develop a growth mindset