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Virtual & Onsite Meditation and Mindfulness Programs for the Workplace

Meditation4Leadership teaches individuals how to achieve enhanced awareness, connection, perspective, and potential to improve leadership effectiveness – a benefit for both the individual and their organization.

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Making organizations more mindful and effective, one breath at a time.

Who Is Meditation4Leadership?

Meditation4Leadership is a nonprofit organization committed to giving individuals the tools to excel in both their professional and personal lives. We support the growth of individual awareness and well-being in organizations through our core meditation and mindfulness leadership training programs.

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We Go To People Where They Are – At The Office, In The Classroom,

Or Online

With live sessions that break down access and learning barriers helping people create a sustained meditation and mindfulness practice and paving the way for teams to find success together.

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Why Meditation?

As more people meditate regularly, we are seeing the benefits more clearly. Can meditation make you more effective at work? Absolutely.

Here’s how:

Building Awareness

  • Gain the presence of mind to make smarter decisions in the moment.

Making Connections

  • Strengthen your communication skills for more meaningful connections with customers and team members.

Maintaining Perspective

  • Cut through the noise with new perspective that helps you enhance insight and influence.

Achieving Potential

  • Increase resiliency which leads to personal growth and results in added value to others.
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“I had a job interview and was extremely nervous today. I meditated before and all my nerves were GONE. One-on-one mentoring sessions with Meditation4Leadership has made such a difference for me.”

– Ryan L., Global Insurance Brokerage

“I attribute my heightened awareness, focus and communication skills to the one-on-one meditation program – so much so, that I brought Meditation4Leadership in to present programs to my executive leadership team.”

– Greg M., CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Sessions with Meditation4Leadership are a welcome reminder that we are all connected, that there are things we can do to remain connected to each other and ourselves to find peace & harmony.”

– David H., VP and Deputy General Counsel, Communications Industry

“A calm, empathetic, and focused leader is an effective leader. Learning the basics of meditation and mindfulness helped me make progress towards being that type of leader.”

-Bart E., CEO, Education Industry

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“Leading From Within”
By Steven M. Cohen

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Our Meditation4Leadership approach is based upon the philosophy identified in Steven M. Cohen’s Book, Leading From Within: A Guide to Maximizing Your Effectiveness through Meditation. The book presents the Four Pillars of greater Awareness, Connection, Perspective and Potential and corresponding 13 leadership traits that when cultivated and realized can help us to live our best lives.