Making organizations more effective, one breath at a time.

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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to communicate the broad range of benefits of meditation practice and to teach the art of meditation through a series of innovative programs designed for business, nonprofit and community organizations.

How We Achieve Our Mission

Using language that resonates within an organization’s culture, Meditation4Leadership facilitators teach participants to develop their own powers of observation through the practice of meditation. Meditation builds awareness, which leads to enhanced perspective and connections with others, resulting in expansion of potential. Through group training sessions and one-on-one coaching, individuals will become better leaders by increasing focus, learning to respond instead of react, and gaining greater access to inner creativity and wisdom. Organizations benefit from helping their employees develop these improved leadership skills. More effective leaders create more effective organizations.

Four Pillars


Awareness: Increase your ability [Read more...]
Connection: Enhance listening skills and discern [Read more...]
Perspective: Quiet your day-to-day thoughts [Read more...]
Potential: Develop the growth mindset [Read more...]

What We Offer

We provide services through in-person instruction as well as online at We offer seminars that we bring to your office or community organization, a multi-attribute leadership formula, instructors experienced in yoga, meditation and coaching and a signature business and community leader retreat program. These programs incorporate modern leadership lessons practiced through movement and meditation.  We also support other organizations that teach yoga and meditation practices.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help you:

  • Quiet the everyday chatter inside your head to facilitate your capacity for creativity and insight
  • Diffuse stress so you can experience more moments of calm, balance and joy
  • Learn to respond instead of react
  • Increase your focus, perseverance and influence
  • Differentiate between thoughts and wisdom to make better decisions
  • Expand your awareness of what you can accomplish
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How You Benefit

During meditation and yoga, we practice being more in the present moment.  Greater presence allows us to see problems and solutions that we may have previously overlooked.  The byproducts of meditation are less stress, better relationships, more periods of joy, and greater effectiveness.  When you become a more effective person, you contribute more to the people around you and the businesses and organizations in which you work or volunteer.  The impact can be life changing both personally and professionally. Ultimately, learning to meditate is about becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

How We Are Different

Our goal is to meet you where you are – in the board room, the office, or at the community center. We all can be effective leaders, and opportunities for leadership abound in all parts of our lives. The Meditation4Leadership platform provides exposure to multidisciplinary techniques and opportunities to practice in an accessible manner to expand effectiveness as a leader and as a person. Unlike most meditation and yoga programs, which focus primarily on personal or spiritual growth, Meditation4Leadership, a not-for-profit corporation, seeks to elevate decision making by business and community leaders through teaching meditation practice techniques and practical applications of those practices.

Thoughts on Meditation

Why Meditate? Learning to meditate and practicing regularly is about remembering to pause, connecting to your inner wisdom and being more aware in the present moment.  [Read more...]