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We are in the midst of a turning point in human history.  The focus of business and society has shifted from production to the acquisition and management of knowledge.

As with every meaningful change, this one offers both challenges and opportunities.  Every decision we make, in life and in business, is impacted by the onslaught of information. Our effectiveness is based in large part on how we process and utilize this information. How do we sort through that abundance of information so that we can most successfully navigate challenges while leveraging opportunities?

The answer may be internal rather than external. The ability to process information requires an understanding of a critical difference: the difference between factual knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom, although described differently across cultures, religions and societies, is an amalgamation of insight and perspective. Too often, we view an event, situation, or opportunity through a distorted lens, leading us to an emotion-based reaction that is ineffective or insufficient.  Too often, we create physical and emotional stress for ourselves based upon this distorted view. This self-imposed stress inhibits our health, our joy and our effectiveness.  Our fears hold us back from taking the actions necessary to achieve our goals.  We disconnect rather than stay connected to the situation and the people that can best assist us.

Millions of people around the globe have discovered that the answer to these questions is the same: Meditation. At its core, meditation is a practice that assists us in being more “present”, more aware in each moment of what is going on around us and inside us.  This awareness facilitates our ability to make better decisions, take better actions and be happier doing so.  All it takes to realize these benefits is for you to learn which techniques work best for you and to practice 10 minutes a day.