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Steven Cohen

Co-founder and the Chair of the Board

Steven incorporated these four pillars as the organizational philosophy of the book he was working on that became Leading From Within:  A Guide to Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation.  Leading from Within has now been read by thousands of people and links 13 key leadership traits with associated meditations. His goal is to enlighten readers in understanding how incorporating meditation practices applied to key leadership traits improves personal and organizational focus. 

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Lisa Gonzalez

Lisa Gonzalez joined Meditation4Leadership soon after its founding and became our first Chief Meditation Officer.  Lisa followed her 20 year career as a school teacher by becoming a certified yoga teacher and then teacher of teachers.   Lisa has led our content team to develop and present engaging, innovative programs organized using the four core pillars, presented live in the office, virtually and at corporate retreats including: Effective Leadership, Mindful Educator, and Conscious Leadership.   Lisa has also trained our other program facilitation and meditation mentors, each of whom had previously completed a meditation or yoga teacher training program.

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Clayton Platt

Clayton Platt joined Meditation4Leadership in 2020 following completion of a two year meditation teacher training program, while also serving as a facilitator for virtual digital learning programs.  At the time, Clayton was facilitating a Friday morning meditation group and organizing discussions around mindfulness for racial justice and inclusion.  Clayton and Lisa worked in coordination with DEI Consultant Lourdes Tango to develop our program:  Leading from Awareness:  the Power of Inclusion and continues to develop innovative content to meet client business needs.

lisa wagner - Our Team

Lisa JacobS

Lisa Jacobs, an original co-founder of Meditation4Leadership, organizes our Executive Coaching program, which integrates traditional executive coaching with meditation and mindfulness techniques to facilitate growth as a leader.  Lisa coordinates a group of three Executive Coaches, each of whom have been trained both as certified executive coaches and in meditation or mindfulness. 

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Spencer Broad

Spencer is a retired chiropractor with areas of expertise in functional anatomy of the spine and musculoskeletal system who has been practicing yoga since 2005 and a regular meditation practice for more than 10 years. Spencer also has many years of experience in sales consulting with decision makers including the HR team, C-Suite, and company leadership teams. Spencer has been an onsite instructor at The Retreat Costa Rica in 2019, 2021, 2022, and is scheduled to returnHe joined the M4L team in 2021 to assist the organization in bringing Mindfulness and Meditation programs to the worksite. His mantra is “One Breath, One Moment at a Time” and he hopes to help spread the word one person at a time.