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Each 5-10 minute video focuses on a key leadership trait that is developed or strengthened with a consistent meditation practice. Improve your focus, reduce some stress and learn to improve your personal and professional effectiveness. Watch the series here.

We are happy to share some of our programs. On this page you will find guided sessions that will give you an introduction to meditation and yoga practices.

Awareness – Counting Meditation
Steve Cohen, Instructor
Awareness – The Five Senses
Lisa Jacobs, Instructor
Connection – Giving Thanks Meditation
Steve Cohen, Instructor
Connection – Loving Kindness
Steve Cohen, Instructor
Perspective – In Another’s Shoes
Steve Cohen, Instructor
Perspective – “I Am” mantra
Lisa Gonzalez, Instructor
Potential – Envision Your Potential Meditation
Steve Cohen, Instructor
Potential – New Moment Meditation
Alex Schimmel, Instructor
The Impact of Meditation – Watch and Listen
Steve Cohen, Speaker

Want more? Try our 30-Day Meditation Challenge with audio lasting from 4 to 10 minutes.

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