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Leading From Within: Maximizing Effectiveness Through Meditation Immersion

We invite you to join us starting October 20 for a very timely learning journey that can make a huge difference in both your
work and personal lives.

Meditation and mindfulness benefit leaders. They sharpen skills like attention, creativity, stress management, empathy, and growth mindset.

While the pandemic drew a lot of attention to factors that were affecting employee engagement and productivity, especially around issues of mental health/wellness, truth is that these factors have existed for a long time and are only now getting the attention they need and deserve.

For organizational leaders, HR professionals, and individual contributors, there is no escaping the pressures to perform more tasks with seemingly less support, and somehow stay motivated and focused both inside and outside the work environment. There are tools that allow us to be clearheaded in the face of chaos, to remain calm and respond appropriately to difficult situations, to model focus and attentiveness amidst increasing distractions. Meditation and mindfulness techniques have been proven to help almost everyone navigate the uncertainty of daily life and more effectively manage the stress that comes our way daily.

This program is designed to remove barriers that inhibit people from embracing mindfulness and meditation practices and to reveal how these practices enhance personal well-being and professional performance. By the end of this series, employees will have the knowledge and tools to build a lasting practice.

Location: Offered through remote teaching

REGISTER:  Leading from Within: Five Week Immersion Program

FREE Group Meditations with the Meditation4Leadership Community

Meditation4Leadership offers offers the following complimentary, online group meditations each week.  

Please join us for Morning Meditation or a Midday Meditation (or both!) Monday through Friday!

Links are below. Always free and open to all!

Morning Meditation
Monday – Friday 6:30am EST (20 min Guided Meditation)

Meeting ID: 936 0890 1218
Passcode: 840593

Midday Meditation Break
Monday – Friday 12:30-12:45pm EST (15 min Guided Meditation)

Meeting ID: 813 0648 3801
Passcode: 045462

Friday Morning Mindfulness with Clayton
Friday 9am EST (10 min teaching, 20 min guided meditation, 15 discussion and sharing)

Meeting ID: 885 5646 7503
Passcode: Metta

Please contact Lisa Gonzalez,, our Chief Meditation Officer for more information on the free meditation sessions.