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W. David Hubbard

Vice President & DGCl for Verizon Communications

“Meditation has been wonderful for my life. It has helped me maintain perspective, reduce stress, better manage and organize work and my daily tasks. My meditation practice energizes and focuses me for the day. It also allows me to intimately connect with my innermost thoughts. Put simply, I am a better and more thoughtful person because of my practice.”

David Hubbard leads Verizon’s Consumer Marketing and Products legal team that supports Verizon’s portfolio of Consumer businesses including Verizon Wireless, Verizon Telecom, Verizon Consumer Markets, and Visible, among others. David previously led Verizon’s Intellectual Property and Digital media legal teams and served as the General Counsel for the Verizon Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Verizon. He serves as Chair of Verizon’s Public Policy, Legal, & Security Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

David is active in several community organizations such as Chair of the Board for the National Board of Directors for the Council of Better Business Bureaus and serves on the board for Brightpoint Care – a leading non-profit provider of medical, mental health care and social support services to people challenged by health disparities. He and his wife (Tamiko Hubbard) co-founded Sweet Reads, a literacy-based, non-profit organization providing books for children in underserved communities.

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Andrew B. Newberg, M.D.

Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences

Meditation can be a cornerstone for developing good brain health and brain function. Our studies over the past 30 years document a number of beneficial brain changes when people engage in meditation, whether for a few minutes or a lifetime.

Dr. Newberg is currently a Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He has actively pursued a number of neuroimaging research projects which have included the study of aging and dementia, epilepsy, and other neurological and psychiatric disorders.  Dr. Newberg has been particularly

involved in the study of mystical and religious experiences, a field referred to as “neurotheology”. He has also studied the more general mind/body relationship in both the clinical and research aspects of his career including understanding the physiological correlates of meditation and other types of alternative therapies.  He has published over 200 peer reviewed articles and chapters on brain function, brain imaging, and the study of religious and mystical experiences.  He is the best selling author of  Why God Won’t Go Away and  How God Changes Your Brain, and has published 10 books which have been translated into 16 different languages. He was listed as one of the 30 Most Influential Neuroscientists Alive Today by the Online Psychology Degree Guide.

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Thomas J. Drury, Jr.

Managing Director at Eastoak Associates

Tom Drury is a seasoned CEO with broad experience in early stage information technology company settings and has been a partner in a regional venture capital firm. He currently serves in a CEO / Founder mentoring and coaching role with multiple early stage information technology businesses. In 2006, after several years of study, Tom became a practicing Buddhist, completing his refuge vows under the direction of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. Over the past twelve years he has become deeply immersed in Buddhist teachings on life and spirituality and has proactively sought out ways to communicate compassion and loving kindness to those in need of spiritual support, particularly within a health care setting. Tom actively participated as a hospice volunteer and completed two years of formal education as an Associate Clinical Chaplain. He also teaches introductory courses on Buddhist spirituality and meditation.

Micheline Nader 2 - Our Supporters

Micheline Nader

Author, Speaker, Coach & Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dedicated to empowering people through conscious awareness, Micheline Nader BSN, MPH, DESS, is a best-selling author, serial healthcare entrepreneur and President of Jesra Impact, which creates breakthrough content, education and networks. Jesra Impact is committed to empowering individuals through conscious awareness to turn their limitations into catalysts and transform their passion into purpose. Micheline credits her journey from loss to success to the process of conscious awareness — and provides guidance to help others achieve long-lasting emotional wellness beyond any trauma. Through her transformative process, she helps individuals uncover limiting patterns of behavior and embrace their true selves.

dave kirkpatrick - Our Supporters

Dave Kirkpatrick

Co-founder & Managing Director of SJF Ventures

“My Christian meditation practice has provided the silence and inspiration I have needed for many life decisions, large and small. These have included trusting in our ability to both start SJF and to raise successive funds with a stewardship and sustainability mission.”

SJF Ventures is a positive impact growth equity fund with $260 million under management.  The fund has invested in more than 65 companies in the clean energy, sustainable food, recycling and reuse, health and education sectors.

Dave practices centering or contemplative prayer and takes annual retreats at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery. He has been inspired by writings such as the ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ and books by Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, and Teresa of Avila.’

michael wells - Our Supporters

Michael Wells

Healthcare Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur

“In any given week, I have so many things that require my attention.  Meditation has given me the ability to quiet my mind so I can think clearly and be more deliberate when solving problems.”

Michael has created Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners in 2010 to provide growth capital to healthcare start-ups.  Previously he was the Founder and CEO of Aton Pharma, a private equity backed pharmaceutical company that was successfully sold in 2010.  In addition to several board responsibilities, he is the Chairman and acting CEO of an animal health company called Fidelis Pharmaceuticals.

leslie wolfson - Our Supporters

Leslie Wolfson

Executive Director

“In years prior to meditation, I did not pause as much as I do now. I like the pause – the reset. The consistency of having meditation be a part of my daily life for a long time has been like having a strong rock to lean on. It also leads me to meet other likeminded and kind souls, new books, and new methods of practice.”

Leslie Wolfson’s energy and expertise in building relationships assist in her position as the Executive Director of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s New Jersey Chapter, part of a global bar association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house corporate counsel. The Chapter is a conduit of all resources ACC Global where the mission includes advocacy, education, charity, networking, and pro bono work. Leslie holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Finance and has authored and edited several economics textbooks as well as written a book combining her passion for photography and economic principles, where she shows and explains how economics dovetails life. Leslie taught Advanced Placement Economics and created and taught Financial Literacy curriculums for 18 years after starting her career in banking prior to joining the Association. Leslie believes sharing kindness and caring in this world is of great purpose, and she hopes her work with Meditation4leadership adds to her ability to continue her sharing at a greater level.