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Meditation4Leadership’s Leading From Within philosophy is based on two intertwined concepts.

The first is a focus on the 13 traits demonstrated by effective leaders that are gleaned from the work of renowned organizational leaders, management professors, and authors.

The second is that a personal meditation and mindfulness practice can facilitate your capacity to manifest these traits in your everyday life by building on the “Four Pillars” of Awareness, Connection, Perspective, and Potential.

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Meditation builds awareness by increasing the ability to be present in each moment.

Through a variety of concentration and focusing techniques, which can be as simple as a focus on breath, learn to be more aware more of the time. As this happens, the ability to observe important details in all areas of life improves. In your professional life, notice changes or trends in the marketplace that significantly impact your business. Find yourself more finely attuned to customer satisfaction, the morale of a valued employee, or other areas of concern. Notice how fears or doubts influence behavior. Develop innovative creative ideas that add value to your workplace or the world.

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Meditation can clear a clouded lens to facilitate more and closer connections.

In business, connection is everything.  It is how customers and employees are satisfied, how sales are made, and how brands are built.  Through meditation, you can clear a clouded lens allowing you to develop more and closer connections. Enhance listening skills and learn to express gratitude, which facilitates the ability to motivate yourself and others.  Meditation practice helps develop relationship intuition so you can better identify which relationships are ripe for development.  Connection turns “I” into “we”.

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A meditative pause is a tool to observe situations or scenarios that may be behind the surface or obscured by too much data.

Effectiveness in business is based in large part on how we process and utilize information.  Meditation provides a moment of calm within the chaos of our everyday thoughts. Calm within the chaos creates a space for that which is most important to become evident.  This is internal wisdom. When you understand what matters most, your perspective on large and small matters expands, providing you with balance and equanimity, and helping you focus on matters of priority. Act from a place of wisdom and allow perspective and balance to improve your decision making and increase your positive influence within your organization and the world at large.

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Meditation puts you in touch with your true authentic “self.”

The authentic “self” is the “you” that is present when no one else is looking.  This self acts as a witness during meditation.  Witnessing, or observing, helps you become more aware of your passions, strengths and opportunities.  Meditation also helps you recognize obstacles and become more resilient in the face of adversity, which leads naturally to additional personal growth.  As you develop personally and professionally, you add increased value to others in your organization and the communities you serve.

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