Our Officers and Board of Trustees

Untitled design 76 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesSteven Cohen
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Steve is co-founder and the Chairman of the Board for Meditation4Leadership.  An active partner, practice area manager and office manager at a large international law firm, Steve observed that he could be more personally satisfied and professionally effective by applying the lessons learned from regular meditation practice.  It was then only a small leap for him to wonder how much more effective an entire business, community or political organization could be if a critical mass of leaders in the organization meditated regularly.  Steve has been facilitating workshops on meditation and leadership for several years and has recently authored a book, Leading From Within: A Guide to Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation, which links 13 key leadership traits with associated meditations.  His goal is to enlighten people in understanding how incorporating mediation practices improves personal and organizational focus.  Steve is thrilled by the value added by—and enthusiasm created with—the other co-founders and board members to bring the Meditation4Leadership vision into reality.

Lisa Jacobs 800w 292x300 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesLisa Jacobs
President & Treasurer

The death of Lisa’s father fueled her search and ultimate passion for yoga and meditation. “Yoga and Meditation changed my life.” The moving meditation of yoga created space for her to open her heart and create deeper connections with others and inspire them to find their own personal path.  Lisa is a certified 200Hr Yoga Teacher and has completed Baptiste Level 1 and Baptiste Art of Assisting. Lisa facilitates custom workshops on topics ranging from Vision & Goals to Meditation. She is a graduate of The George Washington University (BS in Business Administration) and NYU (Masters in Arts and Administration).  She has an extensive background in credit analysis and finance, as well as corporate advertising.  Lisa has been the president of a custom stationery business for more than 10 years and served in leadership roles on several non-profit boards and with numerous organizations.

HailperinMarilyn 300x300 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesMarilyn Hailperin
Chief Operating Officer & Secretary

Marilyn is new to meditation and can’t believe she waited this long to change her life.  She became Chief Operating Officer of Meditation4Leadership after a successful 30+ year career as an executive and business development professional in the technology and healthcare industries and leadership roles with several non-profit/charitable organizations.  She is a scientist by academic training (BS-University of Pennsylvania and MS- Jefferson University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) and led the international research program at a rare disease advocacy group.  It is there she witnessed directly the power of the mind to help heal the body.  One of Marilyn’s goals is to convince her tense, alpha colleagues that the practice of meditation is a path for personal enlightenment and professional success.   “If I can do it, so can they.”


Board Members

Stefheadshotmkor 240x300 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesStefanie Levine Cohen
Board Member

Stefanie is excited to bring to Meditation4Leadership her passion for helping people to connect to their inner truth and to one another.  Stefanie is a writer, instructor and full-time volunteer focused on issues involving birth, death, afterlife and the human condition.  Her work explores moments of transition in people’s lives and focuses particularly on the intersection between the psychological and the spiritual. Stefanie’s signature workshop, “Writing from the Heart,” helps writers at all levels explore their personal truth through authenticity and creative expression. Stefanie has studied religion, spirituality, meditation and intuition with numerous teachers including Sylvia Boorstein, Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, and James Van Praague. She earned bachelors and masters degrees in English from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from New York University School of Law.  Stefanie’s writing has been published in a variety of literary journals and anthologies and can be viewed at www.stefanielevinecohen.com.

DruryThomas160x200 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesThomas J. Drury, Jr.
Board Member

Tom Drury is a seasoned CEO with broad experience in early stage information technology company settings and has been a partner in a regional venture capital firm. He currently serves in a CEO / Founder mentoring and coaching role with multiple early stage information technology businesses. In 2006, after several years of study, Tom became a practicing Buddhist, completing his refuge vows under the direction of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. Over the past twelve years he has become deeply immersed in Buddhist teachings on life and spirituality and has proactively sought out ways to communicate compassion and loving kindness to those in need of spiritual support, particularly within a health care setting. Tom actively participated as a hospice volunteer and completed two years of formal education as an Associate Clinical Chaplain. He also teaches introductory courses on Buddhist spirituality and meditation.

Untitled design 64 - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesElizbeth Mell
Board Member

Elizabeth Mell has spent her career in professional services marketing and business development strategy. Before starting her own company, Mell Consulting, She served as the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Montgomery McCracken. She has held positions at several other law firms, including Fox Rothschild, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney and Morgan Lewis. Her career path includes working at DuPont Legal and the Philadelphia Bar Association. Three times in her career she has taken on newly-created roles, introducing and pioneering new programs. Elizabeth began practicing meditation in 2011 through a biofeedback program at Jefferson University Hospital’s Headache Center.

RosenScott 300x300 - Our Officers and Board of Trustees

Scott Rosen
Board Member

As a lifetime spiritual and holistic seeker and entrepreneur/business owner, Scott believes that Meditation4Leadership is a much-needed resource for people in all walks of life to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.  Scott began seeking deeper spiritual meaning in his life in his early 20s, attending spiritual and holistic retreats at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and others, and he became a big fan of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. (speaker and author of numerous mindfulness books).  After 15 years in corporate leadership and HR roles with Fortune 500 companies, Scott started his own staffing business, The Rosen Group, which focuses exclusively on placing HR professionals in temporary and direct hire positions.  For four years, Scott also operated his own holistic center in southern NJ called Transformations.  Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Rider University.



LisaG 160w - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesLisa Gonzalez
Chief Meditation Officer

Lisa leads the development of courses for Meditation4Leadership, enhances the high quality of instruction and outcomes, and recruits Meditation4Leadership’s roster of teachers. Prior to this, Lisa Gonzalez has taught in a variety of roles. As a former schoolteacher, Lisa understands the importance of meditation and mindfulness within organizations. She studied yoga and meditation from renowned yoga teacher, Jonny Kest, and is a “teacher of teachers” leading some of the most successful Yoga Teacher Trainings in the nation for Life Time Fitness. She holds the role of Master Trainer and travels extensively to empower yoga teachers. “I believe a personal commitment to meditation and mindfulness enhances all the relationships in your life, giving you the tools to become a more effective leader,” says Lisa.


renee paravati 160w - Our Officers and Board of TrusteesRenee Paravati
Business Development Wellness Advocate

Renee is responsible for establishing and deepening business relationships by introducing Meditation4Leadership’s unique meditation program to organizations as a means of aiding in staff development and overall well being. She is committed to realizing our mission with each of our customers: to build leadership skills and enhance wellness by teaching meditation to business, nonprofit and community leaders, resulting in improved individual and organizational performance.