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Leading from Within 

Our Meditation4Leadership approach is based on the philosophy identified in co-founder, Steven M. Cohen’s book, Leading From Within: A Guide to Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation.  In it, he presents key traits of effective leaders and lessons that teach individuals how to strengthen these traits through meditation and mindfulness.


Leadership is not defined by title, but by what you bring to everything you do. It’s about being the best version of yourself, motivating others and adding value to everyone around you.  Meditation can help you become a more effective leader and our philosophy and training approach will show you how.

The benefits of meditation have long been studied and supported by leading neurobiologists, who have demonstrated that regular meditation practice changes brain structure, verifying scientifically reported cognitive and psychological benefits that go beyond relaxation. Meditation can make you aware of what is holding you back, reveal how to break your existing patterns, and remove your barriers to success.

Leading From Within explores the wisdom of universally recognized thought leaders to highlight 13 traits of highly effective leaders. Our approach teaches how these traits can all be strengthened by meditation practice and mindful living.  The foundation we build on is tied to our four, key pillars: Awareness, Connection, Perspective and Potential. Both the book and Meditation4Leadership’s training programs pair each leadership trait with a series of meditation exercises that can help you strengthen that trait. 

Our Leading From Within model offers you the tools to establish your own practice, explore a myriad of meditation techniques, and enhance your effectiveness as a leader. Meditation will teach you to observe the present with full attention, without judgment, and to connect with your inner wisdom. Once you’ve mastered the tools, you’ll be able to improve your professional and personal life in ways you cannot predict. Enjoy increased focus, reduced stress, unleashed creativity, better relationships, clearer decision making, and an awakening to opportunities.

A daily meditation practice is training for your mind as physical exercise is training for your body. If becoming a more effective leader is your will, meditation and becoming more mindful is your way … one breath at a time


“Leading From Within presents a unique paradigm for developing your personal leadership traits through a wide variety of meditation techniques, and also integrates teachings from well-known business leaders. Meditation can help you be the best version of yourself. Everyone can meditate. Meditation is not about something you do but about being in the present moment with your full attention. You can be walking or running or swimming or practicing yoga or sitting quietly with your eyes closed in a meditative state. Meditation is not about the absence of thought, but about observation without judgment. What you may observe is that as little as 10 minutes a day of meditation can result in building awareness, improving relationships, maintaining perspective and facilitating achieving your potential. Try it.
– Steven M. Cohen