M4L Logo 500x500 1 300x300 - Our StoryWe were founded in 2018 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by a group of people with 200+ years of professional business experience who realized personal and professional benefits from maintaining a consistent mediation practice. Expanding on concepts first enumerated by Steven M. Cohen in his book, Leading From Within: A Guide to Becoming a More Effective Leadership Through Meditation, our founders created a business model to offer in-person training programs to organizations that teach how to create a meditation practice and how to live a more aware, connected, and mindful life within structured organizations as well as in their more personal lives. The lockdown scenario of the pandemic led to us to add training and education sessions using real-time, online conferencing, and our future plans include subscription programs for students to complete on a more flexible schedule.

◉ America has a growing stress and mental health problem

Our desire and ability to communicate and collaborate has fallen considerably in recent years

Dissatisfaction/reduced job performance have risen alarmingly

Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation are evidence of the problem

School teachers, in particular, haven’t just reached their breaking point – they have surpassed it

Unease (and dis-ease) is not limited to the workplace; it adversely affects society

Meditation and mindfulness teaching is a growing part of corporate wellness and leadership development initiatives. Meditation4Leadership teaches essential skills for individuals to cultivate greater awareness, connection, perspective and potential in their lives, to improve their professional and personal effectiveness, and to thrive in adversity as well as good times.

Like most workplaces, the pandemic asked our team to work remotely from home and to serve our customers online. We had been an in-person workshop model.  So in 2020 through 2021, we began offering our services virtually:

Recorded mini videos – YouTube Channel

30 Day Challenge

3 x Day Free 15 minute meditation

Friday morning Wisdom

Sunday evening: Relax, Refresh, Reset for your workweek

13 Trait workbooks

Trained 4 executive coaches

Trained 4 meditation mentors

Hired a fill-time Chief Meditation Officer

Established partnership with DEI Consultant

Offered Mindfulness for Inclusion – Racial Justice  

In 2022,  we expanded to offer Mindful Educator training, Conscious Leadership Program and Retreats.