1:1 Meditation Mentoring

At Meditation4Leadership, we know that the start to anything great is about taking that first step. Even if you have tried to meditate in the past or have an intermittent practice, the real benefits come when you are able to make meditation part of your daily routine.  Reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced awareness and grit, stronger listening and relationship skills, and improved creativity and focus are just the start.  With our live, interactive 1:1 Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring sessions, you will learn to meditate by “observing the present moment with full attention and without judgment” and develop the skills for sustained well-being and success in the workplace and in life. 

Discover the “20 Scientific Reasons to Start a Meditation Practice”

According to Emma Seppalla, Ph.D lecturer at the Yale School of Management, Faculty Director of the Yale School of Management’s Women’s Leadership Program and Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.

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1:1 Meditation Mentoring

Session Options

A Meditation4Leadership teacher will work with you to create a personalized daily meditation practice based on your unique needs.  What makes our mentoring sessions different from others is that we incorporate the “Four Pillars and 13 Traits” of effective leaders.  This approach is based on the book Leading From Within: Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation by co-founder, Steven M. Cohen. 

In it, he identifies key skills associated with the ability to build awareness, make connections, maintain perspective, and achieve potential and how to cultivate them through meditation and mindfulness.  Over the course of each of our programs, you will interact live with your teacher, learn meditation techniques to use at work and home, receive supplemental materials to reinforce the themes discussed, and get the support needed to create a life-changing habit.

Free Consultation

Make an appointment for a FREE 15-minute consultation with our Chief Meditation Officer, Lisa Gonzalez to get started today!

10-Week Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring – $500

Includes five (5) 30-minute live, interactive online sessions every other week with a check-in between sessions.

20-Week Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring – $900

Includes ten (10) 30-minute sessions like above plus a complimentary copy of Leading From Within: Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation.

Individual Sessions – $100

Offered to individuals who have completed the multi-week courses above and would like teacher support to reset or refocus their practice techniques and intentions. (30 min.)


“Personally, I loved everything about my sessions. It was something during the long week that I REALLY looked forward to. My instructor taught, but most importantly, she LISTENED! She really helped me to get through some tough times I was dealing with at work, and I am extremely grateful to her for that!”

“I attribute my heightened awareness, focus and communication skills to the one-on-one meditation program; so much so that I brought Meditation4Leadership in to present programs to my executive leadership team.”