Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Interactive, online workshops presented in collaboration with our partners to build requisite skills leading to new habits that foster inclusion.

black woman leader - Diversity Equity Inclusion
We all have the ability to promote a culture of acceptance and inclusion — and that is something I believe every leader has a responsibility to do. It starts with having a dialogue until we are all comfortable and no longer have the fear of saying the wrong thing.”
Inga Beale, Former CEO of the Lloyd’s of London

Using Meditation to Explore Privilege and Anti-Racism

As meditators, we learn to observe with full attention in the present moment and without judgment. By doing so, we can access our inner wisdom and see situations more clearly, listen more acutely, and learn to respond instead of react. That doesn’t mean that as meditators we know everything or will perfectly act all the time. Meditation is simply a practice that facilitates our ability to live more mindfully and authentically, utilizing the information within our awareness.

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The regular practice of meditation and mindfulness leads to greater self-awareness which allows us to recognize how others see us, act with attunement and empathy, and learn to pause and be more mindful of our impact. These skills help build new habits that facilitate belonging and inclusion in the workplace and positively impact organizational culture.

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DEI Program Block - Diversity Equity Inclusion
Leading From Awareness: The Power of Inclusion
A four-hour workshop offered in conjunction with Lourdes Tango Consulting that:
  • Presents the latest neuroscience research on unconscious bias and micro-aggressions.
  • Raises awareness of how managing bias can promote stronger collaboration among employees.
  • Practices mindfulness meditation as a tool to help you slow down, pause, and process thoughts and decisions with attunement and empathy.
  • Delivers action items that promote awareness and inclusive leadership.

Gender Awareness Program Block - Diversity Equity Inclusion
Leading From Awareness: Gender Inclusion in the Workplace
A two-hour workshop offered in coordination with Aikotek Consulting incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices with DEI training to:
  • Grasp the intricacies of gender identities beyond the traditional binary framework and their significance in today’s workplace.
  • Recognize the importance and correct usage of pronouns to affirm diverse gender identities.
  • Identify common pitfalls and misconceptions that can unintentionally alienate or undermine transgender and nonbinary employees.
  • Implement empathetic and informed approaches to foster gender-inclusive practices and policies.