DEI blocks - Diversity Equity Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program 

This program helps attendees to be more aware of everyday comments, actions and inactions that can be perceived by others as micro-aggressions and respond with intention to create a more inclusive work environment. Colleagues acting mindfully with greater awareness
creates a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.

These highly interactive sessions:

  1. Present the latest neuroscience research on unconscious bias and micro-inequities
  2. Raise awareness of how managing bias can promote stronger collaboration among employees resulting in more effective leadership, teamwork and solutions
  3. Introduce and practice mindfulness meditation as a tool to help us slow down, pause and better process our thoughts and decisions
  4. Develop action items that promote awareness and inclusive leadership

A new approach offered by: Meditation4Leadership & Lourdes tango consulting

Lourdes Tango Consulting is a global training consultancy specializing in cultural competence, leadership, and diversity, equity and inclusion. They collaborate with a wide variety of clients to design and facilitate programs that empower individuals and teams to create an environment of inclusion by leveraging the value of diversity within their organizations.

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics: Four-hour half day program or two, 2-hour sessions (preferably on consecutive days or weeks)

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