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“Interspersing the presentation part with guided meditations we did together was very effective and thought-provoking. Very excellent program.”

Effective Leadership Series

Each month, the Meditation4Leadership instructor discusses one of the 13 Traits of Effective Leaders and teaches mindfulness and meditative practices designed to enhance that leadership trait.

The key to Leading From Within is to recognize how meditation and mindfulness helps you develop strength or clarity around a particular valuable leadership trait.

These 13 Leadership Traits may be enhanced with an active meditation practice focused on our signature Four Pillars: Awareness, Connection, Perspective, and Potential.

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Programs include self-awareness, focus, unleashing creativity, listening, attunement, relationship development, teamwork, insight, balance, influence, vision, grit and developing a growth mindset.

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics: 60-minute sessions held monthly over one year

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