Effective Leadership Series

Mindful leadership development training powered by meditation that builds on key traits of effective leaders resulting in long-term benefits for the individual and organization.

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“Leadership cannot really be taught; it can only be learned.”

Harold Geenen, President and CEO, International Telephone and Telegraph


The 13 traits are the “why” certain leaders are more effective and meditation and mindfulness techniques are the “how” to develop those skills. Our monthly, Effective Leadership Series builds mental strength and clarity around these valuable leadership skills allowing new habits to form and real benefits to take hold.

          Self-Awareness         Creativity


Communication Skills

           Team Orientation



Influence                                  Grit                                             Vision                                                                                                                                               Growth Mindset

Benefits of a Regular Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

  • Be more present in your interactions at work and home.
  • Access your creativity with greater ease.
  • Achieve a clearer vision.
  • Manage stress and anxiety more effectively.
  • Learn to respond instead of react.
  • Connect more authentically with colleagues and clients.
  • Gain clarity on your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Broaden your perspective of what’s important to your organization, your team, and yourself.
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Our Effective Leadership Series consists of 13 modules including research, techniques, practice, and discussion on each of the leadership traits. An additional module on “Demystifying Meditation” can be added to introduce your team or organization to meditation and mindfulness, if needed.

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Each module includes:

  • Trait-specific meditation practices and mindfulness techniques.
  • Customized promotional materials for internal communication.
  • Digital workbook circulated to all partipants.
  • Recorded presentation (for internal purposes only).
  • Pre- and post-series survey.
  • Ongoing support with our complimentary, live weekday meditation sessions.