Mindful Educator Series

Empowering educators through meditation and mindfulness with skill-building tools that help reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and accelerate personal growth.

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“Meditation won’t miraculously secure additional school funding, reduce class sizes, or eliminate discipline issues, but it will empower you to respond, rather than react, in a profoundly productive manner, alleviating stress and recharging yourself for success.”
                          – Lisa Gonzalez, Chief Meditation Officer, Meditation4Leadership

EDUCATOR SERIES - Mindful Educator
  • Teaching is a demanding and all-encompassing profession in the best of times and the COVID pandemic has only created more challenges.
  • RAND survey from 2021 found that teachers were almost three times more likely to report symptoms of depression than other professions.
  • Burnout and exhaustion have led to teachers who are:
    • Not satisfied.
    • Not able to be creative and collaborative due to enormous commitments and time constraints on their days.
    • Not feeling connected to the reasons why they became teachers.
    • Not remaining in the profession.
  • Teachers haven’t just reached their breaking point; they have surpassed it.
  • Teacher departures are imperiling a profession that has long struggled with low pay and low morale.
  • Our Chief Meditation Officer, Lisa Greenberg Gonzalez, is a 20-year veteran teacher who has developed innovative multi-disciplinary and interactive skill-building programs.
  • Meditation4Leadership has adapted its successful universal content for our corporate wellness and leadership development programs to align with educator needs.
  • By learning and practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques together in person, we can overcome barriers to achieving the well-being and leadership skill benefits from regular practice.
  • Our free, weekday community meditation provides ongoing support so that together, we can develop and sustain and more aligned, satisfied, and engaged educator workforce to better achieve educational goals.
  • Meditation4Leaderhips is currently beta testing programs to communicate the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to teachers and administrators.
  • We are testing the viability of both introductory and multi-session programs within the structure of the school day and year.
  • We are refining our approach to ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness through surveys and a culture of feedback.
  • We are developing efficacy data to further support the program and bring this much-needed service to educators at affordable pricing.
  • We invite you to be part of our mindful educator movement to enable educators to be more connected with their mission of passion, creativity, and empathy so our school systems can evolve to be more responsive to the needs of all children and the educators who teach them.

    For more information or to participate in our Beta Test Program, contact Roberta Fenska, VP of Administration and Community Outreach at roberta.fenska@meditation4leaderhip.org.