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Learning how to enhance one’s leadership abilities through meditation is our goal. Our approach and our courses – from our multi-part series to personal mentorship that helps build  a daily meditation practice – our participants learn how to become the best version of themselves. Here is what those who have experienced Meditation4Leadership have told us:
Meditation4Leadership taught me how to take my daily meditation practice and apply it to furthering my professional goals.”

– Benjamin N.

Very enjoyable program. It’s hard to tear away from our unceasing stream of emails, calls, to-do lists, pressing deadlines, etc. All the more reason why it is so important to reset our focus.”

– Stephanie F.

It was one training I can wholeheartedly say I talked about with my friends and family when I got home from work.”

– Kristen D.

I appreciate the first hand experience of guided meditation and being able to process thoughts without judgment for a clearer mind.”

– James B.

The energy in the room was great.”

– David O.

I appreciated how this program gave me more awareness to how meditation can have a positive impact in the workplace.”

– Christina A.

It is reassuring to know that there is a benefit to be gained even if my attempts at meditation are not perfect.”

– Judy O.

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