Corporate Retreats, Workshops & Keynotes

Customizable programs to enhance your corporate wellness and leadership development events to deliver an experience with long-lasting impact for your organization and team.

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There are many paths to becoming a mindful leader. Practicing meditation as a catalyst to enhance mindfulness facilitates the skills needed for leaders to overcome everyday obstacles and grow their team contribution. We focus on awareness, connection, perspective and potential and 13 key traits of effective leaders to build a program for you that deepens self-awareness, alleviates stress, drives growth and performance and shapes positive organizational culture.

“Meditation builds and strengthens the muscle to be able to be mindful when you most need it. Life itself is the practice.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn, Developer and Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


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Live, in-person presentations on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and the supporting science. Themes are developed around our “Four Pillars” and 13 traits of effective leaders. Includes participatory meditation practice. Approx. 75 to 90 minutes.

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Virtual or in-person skill-building sessions on awareness, connection, perspective, and potential with interactive discussion, guided meditation practices, breath work, and group exercises. Includes resource guide and tangible action steps. Approx. 4 to 5 hours.

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Immersive experience that breaks down barriers allowing for transformative breakthroughs over a short period of time. Onsite presentations, discussions, and best practices for effective leadership. In-depth meditation practices and mindfulness techniques, skill-building exercises, and group activities. Minimum 2 days recommended.


Demystifying Meditation
  • Learn what meditation is and is not
  • Appreciate how rigorous science supports meditation benefits
  • Understand the nature of thought
  • Practice relevant group meditations
Creating Change, One Breath at a Time
  • Learn how breathwork resets your nervous system
  • Develop attunement and empathic listening skills
  • Use mantras to enhance focus
  • Create a mindfulness habit in the workplace
Leading From Within: Recharging Yourself for Sustainable Success
  • Gain presence of mind to make smarter decisions
  • Improve communication to engage colleagues and clients
  • Broaden perspective to enhance insight and influence
  • Build resiliency to accelerate personal growth
Mindful Leadership: Leading with the Heart and Mind
  • Empower your team through radical responsibility
  • Share appreciation authentically
  • Experience the world as your teacher and acknowledge the abundance around you
  • Produce from your purpose and gifts to create win-win environments
Leading From Awareness: The Power of Inclusion

A four-hour workshop offered in conjunction with Lourdes Tango Consulting that:

    • Presents the latest neuroscience research on unconscious bias and micro-aggressions.
    • Raises awareness of how managing bias can promote stronger collaboration among employees.
    • Practices mindfulness meditation as a tool to help you slow down, pause, and process thoughts and decisions with attunement and empathy.
    • Delivers action items that promote awareness and inclusive leadership.
Leading From Awareness: Gender Inclusion in the Workplace

A two-hour workshop offered in coordination with Aikotek Consulting incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices with DEI training to:

    • Grasp the intricacies of gender identities beyond the traditional binary framework and their significance in today’s workplace.
    • Recognize the importance and correct usage of pronouns to affirm diverse gender identities.
    • Identify common pitfalls and misconceptions that can unintentionally alienate or undermine transgender and nonbinary employees.
    • Implement empathetic and informed approaches to foster gender-inclusive practices and policies.
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