One-On-One Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring

At Meditation4Leadership, we know that the start to anything great is about taking that first step. Even if you have tried to meditate in the past or have an intermittent practice, the real benefits come when you are able to make meditation part of your daily routine. With our personalized mentoring, we make it easy. 

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What We Offer

We help you develop the skills for sustained well-being and success in the workplace and in life. With our live, interactive One-On-One Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring sessions, you will learn to meditate by “observing the present moment with full attention and without judgment.”  

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Enhance Awareness and Grit
  • Build Stronger Listening and Relationship Skills
  • Improve Creativity and Focus

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Why Our Approach Is Different

book image - 1:1 Meditation Mentoring

Our Meditation4Leadership teachers work with you to create a personalized practice based on your unique needs.  What makes our mentoring different from others is that we incorporate the “Four Pillars and 13 Traits” of effective leaders.  This approach is based on the book Leading From Within: Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation by co-founder, Steven M. Cohen.  In it, he identifies key skills to build awareness, make connections, maintain perspective, and achieve potential and techniques to cultivate them through meditation and mindfulness.  

Over the course of your sessions, you will:

  • Interact live with your teacher;
  • Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to use at work and home;
  • Receive supplemental materials to reinforce the themes discussed; and
  • Get the support needed to create a life-changing habit. 

One-On-One Meditation Mentoring Programs

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Backed By Science

Explore the Science Behind the Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness