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5 steps - Foundational Program V1

Foundational Program: 5-Part Series

Our mission is to build skills and enhance wellness by teaching meditation and mindfulness practices resulting in improved individual and organizational performance and greater connection to personal and organizational mission.

Using language that resonates within an organization’s culture, Meditation4Leadership teaches participants to develop their own powers of observation through the practice of meditation to:

    • Increase Focus
    • Learn to Respond instead of React
    • Enhance Creativity
    • Gain greater access to inner wisdom

Organizations benefit from helping their employees develop these improved leadership skills.

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics:  Five (5) 60-minute sessions

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All workshop attendees are offered a complimentary copy of  Steven M. Cohen’s book Leading from Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation.

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“I liked learning about the science behind meditation and how the benefits of meditation specifically tie to effective performance at work.”