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Making organizations more mindful and effective, one breath at a time.

Meditation4Leadership is a nonprofit organization committed to giving individuals the tools to excel in both their professional and personal lives. We support the growth of individual awareness and well-being in organizations through our core meditation and mindfulness leadership training​ programs.

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◉ We go to people where they are – at the office or in the classroom or on-line – with live sessions that break down access and learning barriers​ helping people create a sustained meditation practice and become more mindful and effective in their lives.

◉ We help shift organizational culture towards greater empathy and compassion, while increasing the ability to make smarter decisions, with a focus on teaching skills that lead to more authentic and sustainable relationships both internally and externally​.

◉ We help people and organizations become the best versions of themselves and to create a ripple effect of greater self-awareness, effectiveness, compassion, and potential that will, ultimately, affect society at-large.

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Thoughts on Meditation

Experienced . . . or Not

Are you new to meditation, or have you tried it “unsuccessfully” in the past? We are often deterred from learning something new by the language used or the teaching setting.  This is the case for many people who try to learn about meditation. Traditionally, meditation has been taught in religious settings, yoga studios, and spiritual retreat centers, generally using the language of that setting.  In contrast, the Meditation4Leadership program integrates the language of business and leadership (much of which is universal across cultures) with various meditative practices in order to make these practices more accessible to people who are comfortable with that language.

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