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Growth Mindset: Creating Change
One Breath at a Time

A growth mindset is a willingness, and even a passion, to continue to improve and implement effective change. Sometimes that change is a small tweak and sometimes that change needs to be transformational in order to meet evolving demands and opportunities.

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At Meditation4Leadership, our services are designed to help organizations achieve the successful outcomes associated with practicing mindfulness at work.

Our Foundational Series introduces the “Four Pillars” of Awareness, Connection, Perspective, and Potential as building blocks for success. In-depth research, discussion, and mindfulness practices on key leadership traits are explored and developed in our Effective Leadership Series. The progression to our Conscious Leadership Series delivers tangible action steps that lead to real behavior change and positive company culture.


Our team of certified instructors educates and empowers participants to integrate their unique skills with meditation and mindfulness to enhance key leadership traits that help:

  • Improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Accelerate personal growth.
  • Build a culture of respect, community, and gratitude.

According to the Association for Psychological Science, research indicates that just a few minutes of mindfulness-based meditation results in more rational thinking when making business decisions.

Survey Results From Past Programs

We encourage a culture of feedback to continuously improve delivery of our services.



of respondents found the program “engaging, relevant, and helpful” in their role.



obtained an understanding of how meditation/mindfulness can positively impact well-being and enhance performance in the workplace.
in the workplace.



would recommend our programs to a colleague/friend.
would recommend our programs to a colleague/friend.
would recommend our programs to a colleague/friend.



felt inspired to learn more about the benefits of a daily, consistent practice and how to incorporate it into their regular routine.  into their regular routine imotheir regular tourt