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Meditation is a growing part of corporate wellness and other leadership development initiatives. Meditation4Leadership, a nonprofit organization, offers services to assist organizations to expand their effectiveness by teaching employees, directors and other stakeholders how to access inner wisdom. Following the guidelines of our philosophy of Leading From Within, Meditation4Leadership teaches the essentials for individuals to cultivate greater awareness, connection, perspective and potential in their lives (the Four Pillars) to improve their leadership effectiveness with a corresponding benefit for their organization.

Foundational 5-Part Meditation4Leadership Series

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics:  Five 60-minute sessions, which can be held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It is preferable that this be at a consistent time throughout the series (for example, over the lunch hour on a Thursday).

This program is designed to remove barriers that inhibit people from embracing mindfulness and meditation practices and to reveal how these practices enhance personal well-being and professional performance. By the end of the five sessions, attendees will have the knowledge and tools to build a lasting practice. The program begins with a session that demystifies meditation, including an overview of what mindfulness/meditation is and isn’t, scientific evidence of the benefits of these practices, and an explanation how learning to observe with full attention in the present moment can improve your performance.  Each of the subsequent four sessions focus on one of four foundational pillars that can be enhanced through meditation practice (Awareness, Connection, Perspective and Potential). Attendees will practice specific meditations that strengthen these pillars, which incorporate 13 traits of effective leaders.  Attendees will receive a copy of Steven M. Cohen’s book Leading from Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation at no charge.

Leading From Within: How Mindfulness and Meditation Practice Can Make You a Better Leader

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics:  One 60-minute program

This program provides an introduction to the connection between meditation, stress reduction and leadership traits. Guided meditation and mindfulness practices are included. This session helps to break down barriers to embracing a personal meditation practice and is typically followed by the 5-part series.

Signature 13-Part Meditation and Leadership Series

Location: Offered on-site or through remote teaching

Logistics:  60-minute sessions held monthly over one year

Our monthly programs are the natural follow-up to the 5-Part Signature Series. Each week, the Meditation4Leadership instructor discusses one of the 13 Traits of Effective Leaders and teaches mindfulness and meditative practices designed to enhance that leadership trait. Programs focus on self-awareness, focus, unleashing creativity, listening, attunement, relationship development, teamwork, insight, balance, influence, vision, grit and developing a growth mindset.

1:1 Meditation Coaching

Location: Offered through remote teaching

Logistics: 5 sessions, 30-minutes each (extensions available)

A Meditation4Leadership teacher works one-on-one with an individual to begin or enhance a personal meditation and mindfulness practice. The teacher provides support and guidance through weekly facilitated practice of meditation and mindfulness techniques, reflection, and discussion of questions. Each session includes three meditation or mindfulness techniques and discussion of the benefits of each of these techniques while breaking down any individual barriers to developing a successful practice.

1:1 Integrated Leadership Coaching 

Location: Offered through remote teaching

Logistics:  Four sessions, 45-minutes each (extensions available)

This program utilizes both meditation and leadership coaching in one-in-one sessions. Provided by certified leadership coaches who are seasoned HR professionals with established meditation practices, these sessions are customized to support the participant’s unique development of executive leadership skills through both traditional leadership coaching and meditation/ mindfulness practices. Coaching includes exploration of goal identification, action planning and accountability.

Special Programming

Meditation4Leadership offers several special programs that can be personalized to your organization.

Staying Connected in a Time of Social Distancing (new offering)

Location: Offered thorough remote teaching

Logistics: 60 minutes

As we cope with social distancing, we know the need for connection is greater than ever. We need to be there for our family, friends, customers, colleagues and the organizations with which we work. During this program, a Meditation4Leadership teacher will lead your team through an Emotional Mindfulness practice, a Loving Kindness practice and an intention-setting Guided Meditation practice. These practices clear our minds to focus on our most valuable relationships and develop a growth mindset to take advantage of current and future opportunities.

Custom Content for Summer Associate or New Employee Program (new offering for law firms)

Location: On-site or remote teaching

Logistics: Customized with client

Your greatest assets are your people. We will work with you to incorporate your business’ language and values in a program to create a culture of caring about your employee’s wellness and leadership growth.

Meditation and Leadership Retreats

Location: Determined by client; Phoenix/Scottsdale teacher available for destination retreats

Logistics: Customized with client

Meditation4Leadership teachers run customized retreats of varying lengths. We combine meditation, mindfulness and, if desired, yoga, with the leadership and wellness benefits that derive from these practices. Programming for half or full days will be developed in collaboration with your retreat planners to reinforce preferred themes.

Online tools and reference/support material

Meditation4Leadership provides free reference material, audio meditations and yoga/meditation videos on our Listen & Learn page.