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Meditation is a growing part of corporate wellness and other leadership development initiatives. Meditation4Leadership, a nonprofit organization, offers services to assist organizations to expand their effectiveness by teaching employees, directors and other stakeholders how to access inner wisdom. Following the guidelines of our philosophy of Leading From Within, Meditation4Leadership teaches the essentials for individuals to cultivate greater awareness, connection, perspective and potential in their lives (the Four Pillars) to improve their leadership effectiveness with a corresponding benefit for their organization.

Meditation4Leadership Signature Presentation

A 1-2 hour interactive presentation designed to introduce a working team to meditation and its benefits for personal and professional growth.  Sessions are led by certified teachers trained in Meditation4Leadership’s philosophy of the Four Pillars (Awareness, Connection, Perspective and Potential) that form the foundation for improving leadership skills.

Meditation4Leadership Workplace Series

Hourly sessions facilitated by a certified Meditation4Leadership teacher who leads a working team in meditation practices and principles designed to reinforce leadership skills. The programs are planned collaboratively with organizational leaders to incorporate leadership traits most relevant to the team.  Clients may choose a weekly or monthly subscription or a series of 4-8 week programs.

Meditation4Leadership Signature Retreat

A three day and two night retreat at a luxury resort with daily meditation and yoga sessions. Seminars are designed to offer a more in-depth exploration of the Meditation4Leadership principles in conjunction with particular emphasis on nourishing the body, the heart, the mind and the soul. This intensive program encourages the release of blocks that can hold individuals back personally or professionally. Working teams are encouraged to attend together, but individuals are welcome.

Meditation4Leadership Coaching for Leaders

Private meditation and coaching sessions tailored to assist an individual in establishing or maintaining a personal meditation practice. Trained Meditation4Leadership teachers focus on meditation techniques for leaders, customized to each individual’s specific circumstances. Coaches offer support for personal concentration on awareness, creativity, communication, motivation of self and others, balance and perspective, and delivering a growth mindset, among other personalized topics.

Online tools and reference/support material

Meditation4Leadership provides reference free material, audio meditations and yoga/meditation videos on our Listen & Learn page.